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Multi-Media Design Studio and Professional IT Services located in Windham, ME.

With over 20 years of professional design experience, and 18 years of professional IT experience,  we work with an open and friendly attitude to guarantee you are 100% satisfied with what we create or fix for you.

Browse our services below, and please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you soon!

Some examples of my recent work. Older pieces can been seen on our Facebook page.

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All of our designs are custom. As a result of this, we charge by the hour not by the project. We can provide the average cost of your type of project, but prices fluctuate some because every job is unique. Our rate is $75/hr and we round to the nearest quarter hour. On average, our final cost average 1/3 the cost of our competition out of Portland, ME.

We are happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with a project quote. Just contact us with a brief description of your needs in the following form and we will get right back to you. You may also contact us through any of the services listed to the right.





Have a project you would like us to take on? Start by filling out the contact form below. Please share a description with us and we will get back to you with some follow up questions. We will then be able to provide you with a cost estimation and delivery date. We may require a contact to be signed.

We first produce a very rough draft or mockup of your design for you to look over and offer us initial feed back on. We then go back and make the requested changes and will return with another more refined draft. We can produce several revisions if needed to make sure you get a final design that you're truly happy with. We average about 4 revisions at most, and as few as 2.

Once the design is approved by you, We will save out any format options you require and get them uploaded to our cloud for you to receive asap!

Payment of your balance is due before digital goods are delivered, physical items can be paid for at the time of pickup.

We accept all major credit cards, checks, PayPal, ApplePay, Venmo and cash.



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I grew up in the 90s in Kennebunkport and taught myself HTML and Photoshop while I sold and supported computers at the local Staples. After graduating high school I was offered a job by Apple at the new Boston store as one of the first Genius's, but I declined and went on to college instead.

I majored in 3D modeling & animation with a minor in video while I freelanced as a graphic and web designer. I designed a lot for the Atlanta music scene and did web work for local government organizations. I then returned to Maine and built and taught the "Digital Media" program at a private high school in Raymond, ME for 18 years. I also took over as the schools IT Administrator when the current one took a new job and held those responsibilities for 17 years. All the while I continued to work with private businesses on the side for both their design and IT needs.

I now devote myself full time to my clients as a "nerdy Swiss Army knife,  be design work or IT support I'm the right choice for the job!.

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