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I have extensive experience manipulating photos of any kind. I can remove unwanted elements, combine photos, fix troublesome clothing, remove skin blemishes, color correct, rebuild physical damage or combine multiple photos to make the perfect image!




No matter what your graphic design or desktop publishing needs are, I can help! I do all kinds of print material such as logos, business cards, vehicle graphics, clothing graphics, flyers, letter heads, and software elements such as icons, and GUIs.

Want to be inserted into a movie still with your favorite characters? Or perhaps have your child look like they are flying through the air like a super hero? Need some portrait art for your upcoming table top gaming session? Or want a custom poster or wallpaper of your favorite video game designed just for you? I do all forms of commissioned art and can create the perfect customized piece for you!

I design, host and maintain websites for small business, artists, video game groups, local organizations and more. If your looking for a personalized, one on one experience from start to finish let me help you launch your website. From hosting, design, SEO optimization, and deployment I make the entire experience hassle free.



Got a virus? Need to upgrade? Need a firewall? Network down? Want to learn new software? I have over 19 years in the IT field  to offer on site support for a vast variety of operating systems and applications as well as hardware repair and installations. I service local businesses such as  Sea Salt Lobster, Fiddle Head School, Future Builders School and Bradbury Plumbing & Heating.


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Welcome to Pushing Pixels! I'm a designer, professional teacher and IT Administrator who offers creative design services and tech support. I have been working with clients since 1994 across many mediums and strive to make the experience as easy and rewarding as possible. I have a hands on approach with a personalized back and forth to make sure your 100% satisfied. Please see what I offer bellow, and don't hesitate to reach out and contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you soon!

Here you can see some examples of my work with a short description of the project.

For this photo I removed several unwanted elements, removed scratches, color corrected, brightened, and cropped, resized and added a nice blue sky to fill in the empty space before printing a physical copy.

I designed the lettering and stern graphic for this Iron Maiden themed Lobster boat from Vinalhaven, ME. I am currently working on the follow up for the owners new boat, which will launch this spring.

This Mass Effect Trilogy poster was featured by the developers, Bioware, as well as numerous video game publications. It has been downloaded over 100,000 times and is even being counterfeited by several Chinese poster companies on eBay.

80s Photo Reconstruction

This picture from the 80s was sent to me to be scanned and repaired. I fixed UV damage, water stains, scratches, resized the image to a moden 4x6 size and boosted the color just a little, to still maintain the vintage look.

Senior Photo Cleanup

For this senior photo I did some color correcting, removed skin blemishes, reduced wrinkles and eye bags, brightened teeth and pumped up the colors a bit to make the final version “pop" and not feel washed out. The goal is to keep it natural looking and not be over worked and fake.

Goats in the Garden Soap

Goats in the Garden Soaps came to me unsatisfied with the work another designer had done for them. I took this example pictured above and produced a product they were thrilled with. Note: The white area is left blank for the printers to add additional text.

Business Cards

These are examples of business cards I have done.  Simple or complex, both can be designed effectively.  (Only fronts shown).

Questions, Quote, Contract & Deposit


My hourly rate is $75 and I round to the nearest quarter hour. I may also require a deposit based on the project. Please let me know what you need done and I can quickly get you a quote for your project!


I am happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with a project quote. Just contact me with a brief description of your needs in the following form and I will get right back to you. You may also contact me through any of the services listed to the right if that's easier for you.





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Have a project you would like me to take on? Start by filling out the contact form below. Please give me some basic information about the project and I will get back to you with some follow up questions about your project and then be able to provide you with a cost estimation.

I first produce a very rough draft or mockup of your design for you to look over and offer me initial feed back on. I then go back and make the requested changes and will return with another more refined draft. I can produce several revisions if needed to make sure you get a final design that you're truly happy with.

Once the design is approved by you, I will complete any cleanup and have your final product ready for you to receive asap!

Payment of your balance is due before digital goods are delivered, physical items can be paid for at the time of delivery.

I accept all major credit cards, checks, PayPal, ApplePay and cash.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me.



After finishing college, where I majored in 3D animation, I returned to Maine and have spent the last 15 years developing and teaching a Digital Media program at a private school in Raymond, ME.  While teaching I have continued to work with clients in my free time as I enjoy designing so much. I strive to give clients memorable, high quality designs that communicate their business ideas or embody their personal passions no matter what medium. Now, how can I help you today?

Meridian Wallpaper
Channel Island Logo

The logo I designed forfor Channel Island Seafood out of Saco, ME. This is used on all of their physical packaging and promotional material.

This was a commissioned piece I did for a video game group. It combined some licensed game art with my own painting, photo manipulation and 3D text design.

Makeup Artist Example

A site redesign, as well as hosting, for a makeup artist serving Maine, New Hampshire, and Boston.

Animal Control Badge

I designed the new badge/logo for a Maine Animal Control office.

Horse Reconstruction
Boat Lettering & Graphic
Mass Effect Poster
Gene Bahr
Radium Logo and Icon

I designed the logo and icon used for the Radium Block Chain and Cryptocurrency.

This website I created for the world renowned artist Gene Bahr. He wanted a site that reflected the feeling and emotion of visiting his gallery. Along with the site, I setup up hosting, email and maintain/update the site for him.

Hoodie Example
Shadow Run Portrait

Created this website for Downeast Packaging. It was a lot of fun making a beautiful site for something as simple as packaging materials.

Woods Construction work hoodies design that I did, they look awesome on the job site!


Rough Concept
Rough Concept
Trying out color changes
Trying out color changes
Cleaning up and unifying
Cleaning up and unifying

Have old VHS tapes that you want to preserve? I can digitize and transfer the footage to a DVD, website or flash media for endless viewing. Want to have the picture cleaned up and enhanced? Or edited into something entirely new? I can help with that as well!

Downeast Packaging Example


Rasta Kokopelli Lion
Wasted Years

This is a piece I did for a client who wanted a portrait for his Shadowrun character.

I created 2 variations of this logo for Kokopelli Lion Apparel, an all gold lion and this rasta styled one.

I designed a 2nd Iron Maiden themed stern graphic for a lobsterman from Vinalhaven. I'm awaiting a photo of it on the boat befor I share the design at full size, I should have it soon.


This is an example of a work flow for a client (click to zoom)

Gene Bahr

SeaSalt Lobster's restaurant asked me to rebuild their website site with a modern yet friendly feel and really show off their amazing food.

Gene Bahr
Gene Bahr

SeaSalt liked their new restaurant site so much they asked me to do their wholesale site as well.

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Mayer Builders had me redesign their site and create some matching businesscards for them as well.





Pushing Pixels works with our sister studio, Luminous Drift , to create your perfect photo experience. No matter what the event or product is, with our multi camera setup and years of shooting and post production experience, we can truly give you a perfect collection of photographs.

I am a licenssed drone pilot and have been flying for several years. Need a birds eye view of something special? Or that perfect elevated family photo? How about a great shot of your business location for a company web video? Contact me today to get your perfect footage in stunning 4k!

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